Monday, November 08, 2010


this is monday lunch - sweet potato + 10 grains + mixed herbs porridge. I ate 2 pieces of butterscotch breads + chilies tuna too.

I bought a reference book, talking about toxins in our body, how to prevent it, what's the impact n ways of detox. yet to finish reading it, but I plan to start the detox plan - 3 days fasting with only plain water intake. according to the book, this is the most cheapest n effective detox plan which we can carry out it easily.

don't get me wrong, although i am seriously need to reduce my body weight :p what I am trying to do is detoxing. coz after reading the book, our food n environment is full of unhealthy chemical mix which our body, blood, skin keeping the harmful toxins. see by doing this, if my skin can get better tone :p and my colon can get healthier :)

finding which day to start in my concern. weekdays - am afraid of me this 1st time trial would make me fainted in the train station :p weekend - it supposes to be happy hours ma, mana can tak makan kekekeke. somemore, if I follow sis's plan - Friday, Saturday, n Sunday - which the 2nd day I am gonna be smelly (if I do it correctly n my body response correctly to the plan, 2nd day body started detox n get smelly) how can I be smelly during weekend? how to seduce laogong ler? kakakaka :D ok, am I finding for excuses for not starting the plan? :p

well, let me find a Ong Ong lucky day to start this. catch up later :)

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