Friday, November 26, 2010

planning for success

yesterday half day pm, we have our department communication session to share our 2010 achievement and to plan for our success in 2011. good platform to share all the good n ideas, and to know what other sections doing.

ya, we have mcD vouchers for the winning team in playing the mini games :D happy meals for my bbb :p

we have 8GB thumbdrive too! doorgift for all the department staff ^^

tea time we have very yummy nyoya kuih. picture shown some of the kuih, various choices served. I like this, shared by my hod who is baba 'hope you like the nyoya kuih. I eat all these kuih grow up, so I know which is the truly good nyoya kuih. my grandma knew how to make all these kuih, as she made nyoya kuih to sell to the whole village and with the money, she raise the whole family' n his smile touched me :)

there are many things I learnt n got inspired from the session. different ways of presenting the same topic, more interesting powerpoint slides, how a good boss appreciates the performing staff, how big boss convey the high profile message to the ground...

and this is the happy moment too!

my boss received award for her project in closing the aging open purchase orders and account. me too involved in the closing for my team :D will have makan makan as boss promised ^^

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