Monday, November 08, 2010

study tables for bbb

bought the study tables for bbb rm99 each after visiting to
giant hypermarket bukit tinggi
jusco bukit tinggi
tesco hypermarket bukit tinggi
4 furniture shops at bukit tinggi
giant hypermarket setia alam

our last Sunday family outing is searching for bbb study table for few hours :) fun also la when 1 family has a same goal n celebrate the success together ^^

spending 3 hours to install the 2 tables. all place in angels room.

given bbb the stationery stand, color pencils, magic pens n the happily do the activity books n give it to me to check the answer :)

hmmm 3 of them having stomach upset recently. this is the pic where royee suddenly jumped on the bed n screaming - stomachache :( thinking to change their milk powder, see if it helps.

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