Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Red Wednesday

Today is day10 of cny. We are suppose to wear in red to attend our department dim sum lunch this noon. So I am wearing a orangie red skirt with red heels :)

Good morning. I like it when baby Shyuan mentioned 'today is a new day!' This energised my day. Finding my schedule and steps needed to be reorganised so I can experience my day more meaningful.

Lately, I sleep in late and wake up early to be with my youngest to complete her homework. Both of us been not having quality sleeping hours. This is not right. I want her to manage her time in efficient manner so that I can have mine in effective way too. Guess she is still adjusting herself to be in the 1st class - daily full long list of homework :(

Watched 2 interesting presentation last night, takes about brain cells.

Supposing I know what I should I do next to get my brain functioning healthy.

Happy Wednesday!

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