Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tight schedule

I love Malaysia. The blue sky calls the children do not give up. To chase after your own dream! The big ocean makes us think of the fish that caught by the fisherman with hardship. The land always filled up with laughter. Morning birds flying all around. The people on this land live freely with no problems and worries. The local custom and attractions are so awesome. This land's local dishes are in variable choices. The multi languages have united the people in this land.


Good day! Sharing the piece of 'satu Malaysia' passage written by my gal. You see the reasons for children to love a country are simple. A positive message to remind adults, don't lose the initial passion towards your country and your dreams.

Last night my mum came to my house. Children were excited with those delicious home cooked dishes. I ate dinner and supper too! Mum helped out with housework too. I really appreciated the effort. The feeling is so great when a lovely helping hand lending at these busy schedule :)

Sis and I are everyday saying 'I want to travel!' We been always wanting a good release. But most of the time, we spend time sleeping in the hotel when we travelling :p no joke, we are now cant even have a good night sleep at home. Sob sob.

Sometime, i do hope that people don't see me for a certain period so I can live in my isolated world - well, for a short period of time.

Last night Eva told me there will be the school sports day on next Saturday. Shall I cancel my 3days family travel plan with my church members? Hmmm.. Children at this age, their commitment and schedule has became my priority. Because whatever decision we make or the way we treating their commitment, gonna be the judging elements - if mummy is a good mummy. Well, believe it or not, maybe children are more sensitive at this pre-teen age, most of my everyday, my children mention this '妈咪不好 mummy is no good' ahhhhh.. Come on, what else you all want from an exhausted working mother? Hoh!!!

If you love him, then stop grumbling

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure ~Philippians 2:14-15

Ok stop bising bising. I have 3 lovely children to company me in my everyday from the day I given birth to them. Balance point is what I need to manage.

Pen off, feeling sleepy. Not even start working already feeling tired ooo :p can't wait for the coming of this weekend.. And all others holidays! :D

Happy Thursday!

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