Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Month end

Now we are at the moment to discuss my October babies bday celebration.

The chat is all about I will have the big bday party for my children at the age of 10, 12, 16, 18, 21. The rest mummy no more be incharged :p

At this 988 age, children are wishing for bday presents. Bigger boy and gals toys or accessories. Looking for idea for bday cake deco, don't want children comment as 'childish'.

In Sunday school, there are always children at the age of 11 and 12, they don't sing and do action during praise and worship session. I always like to target this group of students, 'come, teacher sings and you do the action or you do the singing then teacher do the action' some cuter boys follow me. Then you can listen to the boys' friends whispering 'hey, stop doing this, you look so girly, this is a girl song' hahaha in real soon, am going to experience those challenging moments with my teenagers children :)

So what is on for today - the last day of September 2014. Supposed to look for bday present for royee boy, just realized I have a workshop session over lunch time. Hmm. This morning, when I was about to leave the house, I said bye bye to the boy who walking towards shower room.

Mummy: bye bye~
Royee: ....
Mummy: Bye Bye!
Royee: ...
Mummy: hello! Bye! Bye!

Then the boy came to me, yes, in his bday suit and smiling at me. He looked so wanting for my hug, but at this age, he was shy to speak it out. I just got closer to him and hugged him.

Royee: bao bao (hug hug)
Mummy: why should I hug a naked boy in the morning ya?

Royee and mummy laughing ^^

I hope the bonding need gonna stay in us till children grown up. And I wonder, till which age, they still allow mummy to see them hug them - with their naked bodies :p

Read on the Japanese family members bathing together. This is not common in our culture. However, at my home, it is a common thing for me and children being naked in the room and do the talking ^0^

Reaching office. Wish for a productive Tuesday ^^

Found this amusing.. :p

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