Monday, September 29, 2014

2909 Monday

Having runny nose. Guess my body is tired.

Do you like your current you?

Hmmm.. Throwback moment. I am not at my peak of health. Though I don't have those high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc from my latest medical report shown. But definitely I have high fat and low immune system :~ to workout something.

Children bday is coming real soon, will have a birthday party cum family gathering on this weekend. Last night when we went out to buy children bday party shirts, only I realized, they no longer like colourful cartoon t-shirt, they prefer simple and soft tone design, the prefer formal smart looking. They are no longer babies.

So when we discussed on bday party theme for this year, they rejected all my proposal. Well, I know I am kinda childish - animals party, frozen, ninja turtle... From the shirts they chosen, I know what they want is simple and comfortable.

Children grown up started doing grown up activities. Happy to see this.

They discuss on what is worth to buy what is not

They are collaborative

They share the plan

They learn together

Sometime when I think of one day of they leave me for their further study, then what I want to do? Guess I would be holding my phone all the time to hoping for messages and notes from the children. Or better still.. I fly over to them and bugging them everyday haha :D

Few days left to come out the party stuff, the menu of the day, the cake ordering.. Hope we can have a good family gathering as well as, children got the fun time in celebrating their bday at this exciting age :)

This is mummy bday gift from mummy best friend ^^ ya, age of 35, matured age comes with the worry of reaching 40! Wow! Sounds old @_@

Catching up with forever best friends ^^

Always J13219 ^^

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