Monday, September 22, 2014

2209 back to school

Back to school!

As usual, 1st day be back to the school, we got havoc morning at home and in the journey to the school. Children rushing in completing their homework in the car, then mummy again and again would be saying this 'you all were too busy with your uno games for a week? So busy until you can complete your homework?' Well.. Children nowadays they won't feel guilty for their faults, 'mummy, can you drive slowly? How to write when the car is non stop moving?' Hmmm mummy's fault @_@

Yesterday morning I played uno card games with royee boy. Wonder if I have forgotten the game rule or this boy cheated me by setting the new rules which are more beneficial to his condition ><

Shall buy more board games for bbb, so they can occupy their times playing together when I have some time to rest :p of course, they shout and yell when playing games. People might think I got a kinder home @_@

Children growing up taller and smarter. They started talking about the classmates having mobile phones and they stored some sexy girls photos. When the conversation was on and on, finally I couldn't stand on it so I interrupted the siblings talk. Guess what, standard 2 and 3 children talking and discussing with me topic likes homosexual, adultery, having babies at young age. Hmmm.. I recalled myself asking question 'what it meant by 'chicken' or prostitute when I read the subject on the news paper at the age of 9. My parents didn't clearly answer the question. Today, my children can share with me, the young girl can get money to buy what they want by having promiscuous relationship with guys. Ohh!! My children are not naive like I used to be at their age.

At this golden age, build children good character by spending more time with them. Using God's words to guide them in their decision and judgement making and judgement making. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. 教养孩童,使他走当行的道,就是到老他也不偏离。 am keep reminding myself on this responsibility.

When come to Sunday school teachers meeting, the same concern and challenges arise are - children nowadays their behaviours and discipline are not controllable! Last time when we talked about simple task eg to take a class photo, all students were stand or accordingly to teachers instruction. But today, when 2 to 3 teachers handling less than 12 students, we take minutes. Still, the outcome of the final pic, still got children covering their faces, looking at left or right.. Macam Macam Ada.

The best piece of 7 snaps

See the tongue out?

See few of them staring at the floor?

U spotted the creative pose boy..

The left and right boy and girl, took me 10 snaps @_@

Std 6, I don't want to snap a pic! Need to sweet talk to get them in the pic

Std 1 is far more behaved :)

This pic snapped after teachers got angry hehehe

Penat jugak to get a best shot

The purpose of the class photos are to make something for the birthday celebration for all the primary department students in the Sunday schools.

Ever since I joined Sunday school teachers, got to learn more parenting tips and knowledge in handling children. At the same time, see different age levels students behaved, so I can get more ready to my own children growing and expected behaviour and attitudes.

Guess most of the parents are having those I love you I hate you moments with their children. Last Saturday when we supposed to have a sisters relaxing food hunting outing, ended up with sister having burning fire towards the cutie little devil.

Hahaha.. Moral of the story, just buy some simple foods and stay at home, if the devil doll is to stay with us :p or better still, travel without children so sis won't get hypertension kakakka :D

'What now?!' :p

Well, enough talking about sweet and cute children. Reaching office to handle matured stuff - stressed tasks. Got nightmares on people chasing me to complete pending jobs.. I need a rest >_<

Good week ahead!

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