Friday, September 12, 2014

Team building 2014

11sept2014 I got a great time in my departmental team building.

Group outing can always bring us build better group bonding and knowing the other sides of our colleague

Overall I had fun in this event, a day leave from the office schedule. Still, on and off I checked my office mailbox @_@ need to discipline myself to 'let it go'

The team in green is my team :D we deco the team flag and created a very kiasu tag line - appy the champion hahaha :p our team cheer, appy, appy, go happy!

Am group leader for this wonderful team :D

Very cooperative team - from the team in all green you can see :D

Hehe we were trying to be like our team logo, the sexy bee :p

We are in the same team for a year+ for different rumbles games in the office. Most of the time, we won the games :D

For this round team building game, we are the champion! We got the red champion cap from the organizer :D

Happy ending!

Below are some pic for another 2 teams

Chill team in the yellow

Appy team in the green practising our team cheer

Haley team in the red doing their team cheer

Chill team

Doing the cool team cheer

We don't have appointed camera man this round, thus, many fun moments didn't manage to capture. However, all the fun and great togetherness have been captured in our memories ^^

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