Monday, September 15, 2014

Mid sept

Good morning!

Quote of the day :p keeping faith, durian surely will drop one day ^^

Last weekend got sick, yet still putting in effort to make good of the household stuff. Finally I put on the wall stickers which I bought them at few months ago.

Idea is to have more photos on the wall

Got the matching colour to my living hall theme

Another side of the living hall. My boy said this design was not so nice to match with the living hall hmm..

I just feeling it doesn't big enough to cover the full wall. Doesn't have the green garden view.

So tomorrow will be malaysia day.

We have collected our run pack

To go for a kids run event

Hehe see my boy big belly?

Already started thinking of shall I send bbb to which secondary school :p

Talking about royee and Eva gaining weight lately. The message is very clear - if you have exceeded your ideal weight, then I will enforce the daily workout.

Cruel mummy huh? Mummy can go double of ideal weight but children have to strictly follow the rule >< somehow, I find that the overweight issue at young age is the responsibility of parents to help the children maintain the ideal weight.

Well, the agreement is fair enough, I will do workout with bbb if they have to do so. Good mummy right? Hehehe

Happy Monday! Today got 2 offsite meeting and site survey. Tata!

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