Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sibling love

My papa and mama just came back from aus trip :) many nice photos sharing, from the photos, you see siblings joy and love too!

My pama and my papa's sisters and bro in law ;) how nice and how precious when we can still get along with our brothers and sisters even at out old age. When parents are no longer staying with us, what we are having is the love from our siblings, the same childhood memories and common topics of our family.

See this from Facebook yesterday..

Even though having to again carry the heavy belly for 10 months

Experiencing the labour pain

Sleepless night

The role and responsibilities doubled up

But slowly, I see you learn to wait..

Know to share..

Understand your responsibilities..

Know to help out..

..with caring heart..

Realize mummy's love level never decrease towards you..

Even though sometime how I wish to hide at the corner to avoid your quarrel

Although you all always crying, shouting, broke up and be good again..

I am still willing to company you to slowly grow..

Until one day..I realize..

I thank God, because I have given you all the best present, which is..

Siblings who you can lean to, holding hands to grow together..

A nice sharing. I do understand not all of us have the ability to have more children or brothers and sisters as we wish, as this is all in God's hand. When we have it, we shall treasure the blessed loves and trying our level best to strengthen the siblings love of us. And helping our children to treasures theirs.

This morning I shared with my bbb. What else mummy can give to you, when mummy is old, when you all grown up, when you all having your own career and families.. Siblings are the treasure you need to putting effort to take good care, so you all can support each other in the absence of papa and mama.

Together we can do more..

Together.. We see God's love :)

Thanks to my children, to help me see my prayer answered in their effort to manage their own self and household well so mummy can smile and sleep early last night :) yesterday was not a good mood day for me. Mind needs to settle down before I can move forward more confidently. I thank God for making things possible for me to have caring sis and children, to company me in this confused moment.

Sis love in a mess :p homemade breakfast from sis. Really yummy. Tak jaga image and I sapu all in the car :p

Keeping faith, be patient, rainbow gonna brighten the sky after the rain ^^

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28 NIV)

Happy Wednesday!

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