Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Mind is full with plans and ideas
Plate is full of pending task to do
But body is lacking of energy to move forward more confidently.

Exhausted at body


At the battle field! Attacks from everywhere!

All the above comics are from my royee boy hehe. He is into comic drawing now, hopefully he can use this skill to do something good in the future. Sending the good news to people :)

I'm not good at drawing. More to multimedia thingy. Hope one day I can use my son's drawing + multimedia channels, together we do something good ^^

How's thing? I am not at the peak of my performance lately, too many things on my plate, not good at time management, hope that I won't stay at this state anymore longer, as the spirit and engagement to be a good performer would be dropped. In fact, I have given up few times >< this morning I again refreshed my mindset, I told my children, we shouldn't give up when things are not working right as per our plan. If we leave the situation at it is, then we gonna be a loser. We should fight over the challenge and stand at the peak of the mountain to celebrate the achievement! Sound positive? Hehe

Last night children and I got a good session of praise and worship practice at the church. In an hour, we sing we dance we do action. A free class of aerobic to sweat myself :p children learn to be in front of the crowd to build their confidence level and presentation skills. Blessed to have the class which children and I can together learning new things and build the bonding at the same time. Best of all, we serve The Lord together :)

Something for Sunday school. Gift for all the children.

This is the place where I rebuild my spirit and energise myself to move forward to meet the challenges everyday :)

Looking forward to meet up with my best gal friends this weekend. Feel so sorry for can't commit my time firmly. Don't feel to disappoint my children on their request. And of course, not going to miss the chance to catch up with treasured friendship. Hope, things go well ^^

The cute piece of royee boy to end this post. Have a good Wednesday!

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