Tuesday, December 21, 2010

wind n love



love this song. the song tells..
the wind blowing, the tree shaking, we can't see n touch the wind, but everyone knows the existence of the wind
mum's love, is very good, being busy for children till old, we can't analyse love, but the existence of love everyone knows.
we can't see it, we can't look thru it, to know God by only your heart n soul. like the wind like the love, when you experience it personally, automatically u won't ask if God is existed.

hope my direct English translation made u feel more about this lovely n meaningful song. I listen to it during the journey to work n drive back home recently. the song made me think of the forwarded mail that I read, about the barber telling the man who don't believe God's existence in this world 'there is the barber in the town, only the ppl didn't come to him n trim the messy hair'

the song link

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