Thursday, December 09, 2010

playing fun

before I got in the room, I heard this 'faster hide, don't let mummy see us'



three! 3 little monsters came out!!

recently I found out bbb like to stay at bkt31. few times royee asked me, why we don't stay in bkt31 'sister can take care us ma' now they are at the stage which 3 siblings playing together like friends. running together, laughing together, fighting together, always hear this 'I don't want to friend with gogo already la' or 'u don't take my eva, eva is mine!'

at bkt31 they have place for toys, study, entertainment. so they won't feel bored. at banting, they have nothing much thing can do, so they do stunt :( climbing up here n there, jumping on the bed, then fall down or break the cabinet or wardrobe glass door. grandma gets angry, all kena rotan.

maybe be, next year school holidays I will let them stay with the maid at bkt31, by the time, the combodian sister can understand more our language, n children can behave better - hopefully.

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