Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday lo

sharing morning pic..

eva, the lips swollen, fall down from the bed

angel n 3 babies.

she made the story 'why this baby is so tall? ooohh coz she is 4 years old already ma'

got a free shirt today. gonna wear it in Tuesday. this is the shirt from our serving department. how nice if Monday till Friday we have uniform to wear

lunch time with supervisor. she asked me when taking leave? she said better take now, don't take it on year end. ooo in fact am thinking when to take leave, coz I need a rest, n I want to spend more time with bbb. then I got the idea, take leave on next Monday, coz tuesday is public holiday, so I have 4 rest days to stay at bkt31

since going to take leave next week, so tomorrow gonna be
busy to clear works lo. it's ok, am looking forward for my break

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