Tuesday, December 21, 2010

formula for peaceful world

love this sharing - go home n love your family.

am in the train station, I didn't join the Christmas party that organised by the vendor. can't wait to go back home n stay with bbb. my mum told me last night royee was waiting for me even-though he was so sleepy. this morning royee came to me at 6:30am, coz last nite he didn't see me.

would get addicted to family warmth :) when I reach home, the maid sister opens the gate for me, my 2 angels holding my leg each, n the yummy homecook is served on the dining table.. family love n care, being spirit to me :)

again, am having flu :( complained. to laogong 'I know why I always get flu, coz I sleep alone no ppl hug me at nite' - Christmas eve I am on leave ma, I can sleep with u la. hmmm sekali sekala punya warm :p

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