Monday, December 06, 2010


'alone in the living hall with cooling fresh air. having this wild idea in my mind - can I again go for pregnancy n having a new bb so I can experience full breastfeed n the bonding, let bbb see the pregnancy n together we take maternity photos.. i miss the bb touching n movement in my belly..'

posted this in my fb diary. hmm as told me, in life, we have so many things to achieve, not only babies. ya true, I know. but somehow, to experience again the amazing secret moment with the little new born n see a child growing, is 1 of my biggest dreams. n this dream, is not I alone can achieve it.

I love my life now. with lovely husband n 3 children. but then I have what I want also ma. ok la stop thinking la. want to bake my cookies lo.

btw, today is my holiday :D

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