Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 last working day?

am not sure if tomorrow I have to work. although PM has declared the special public holiday. year end closing hmmm..

in December, almost everyday I talk about back to school with bbb. want to get ready them to go back to school. children have the feeling 'the previous class is better' so royee wants to stay at age5 class n angels wants only age4 class teachers. everyday, I show them the fb pictures in their classes new deco, then make lots of stories n funny silly jokes. surprisingly, this week I don't hear this from angels 'i want to be in same class, don't want separated class' :)

asked laogong to bring bbb to trim their hairs tomorrow. tonight I need to let children try on their uniforms, gained lots of weight in this school holiday! especially - royee!

ok, train reaching station. I need to take another train to klcc, attend 10am meeting. so unwillingly to go :( want to fast fast clear my reports see if I can enjoy tomorrow holidays or not.


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