Monday, December 13, 2010

Ooh Monday!

so unwilling to wake up when my alarm clock rang this morning :( reached home at 1.30am then pack the stuff, took shower, checking my online games, then slept at around 3am. ya, am back from singapore 2 full days trip, now in the train to work. hmm 2 different end of feelings. 1 is to happily spend money, 1 is tiring earning money :p

serious panda eyes today. don't know how I am going to stand till 8-9pm then only I can reach home n zzZzz @_@ will share pictures later, the trip was fun n big money eater too :p little regret was me n Arputha didn't meet up. hmm next time lo.

at the airport immigration, curi ambik gambar ^_^ story can later on read in my sis blog.

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