Friday, December 03, 2010

plan for your success

these mail contents are from my hod sharing.

just do your best today. ya, we must live life to the fullest. so I have a to do list in my mind for today office hours.

this morning 6+ angel came to me, 'mummy, why sister wake up earlier than us?' coz sister needs to clean the house. hmmm her question did alarm me. sister get paid, she does her job to her level best, from early morning to late night, if children not sleeping or if I have not completing my meal let her wash my dish, them she won't go to sleep.

'your dreams start coming true when you just do the best today' no matter which position u r, what role u r playing, do to the max, do to your best, as 'the past does not count just do the best today' I am motivating myself with these nice inspiring words

need to start my Friday with free n easy mood

train is coming

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