Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday oo

counting down days to new year and year end closing final day! still am trying to go back not too late every night. last night, both royee n eva were sleeping, n I have angel followed me till she fall asleep hmm..

looking at me checking my phone

'I don't want to sleep, I am not tired, my body is not tired!'

so energetic at night hmm

bbb wake up this morning, n I am still at home. so making fun with them, reminding them the school is opening soon. prepare angels for studying in separated classes (they don't want to). royee gained weight in this school holidays, non stop reminding him to diet!!

before I left the house? I given them the frosty candy. from hani's niece wedding. so I have a prize giving ceremony for bbb..

angel: congrates, u r no.1 good gal
eva: congrates, u r no.1 n no.1 good gal. double no.1 (have to say double, coz I see her face changed when I give the candy to angel 1st)
royee: ya, congrates, u r no.1 fatty boy!

everyone laughing hahaha :D then mama go to work lo :p

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