Friday, May 13, 2016

Rule follower

Came across this..

This is way of my gals eating sandwiches that irritates me. They always give me a 'who cares' smile and continue eating in the way they like..

This morning I told children to be innovative and creative. They been challenging me on 'my friend is having xxx, why can't I?' 'My classmates are doing in this way, why only I cannot?' When everyone is doing in the same way, how we can be the outstanding?

So today in-car topic is on, Thomas Edison's creation of light bulb, now everyone can fly with the metal bird, conveyor belt was coming from a lazy man... The boy said on the 16 years old boy found the long search Maya city. Yes, we can be lazy, we can complain, at the same time we need to come out with solution. Idea generation needed to initiative new creation.

For months I don't send children to school in the morning. Today I am back to the school, and the journey to school. Got back the quality talk moment with children :)

I miss to eat durian at this moment..

Pen-off 13may2016

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