Friday, July 15, 2016

Mid July

Looking for a Chinese Hymn, when I typed 'I want to be free' and I got this song from Elvis Presley. I got caught with the rhythm and song emotion, been repeating the song for 30min.

There's no joy in my heart,
only sorrow
And I'm sad
as a man can be
I sit alone in the darkness
of my lonely room
And this room
is a prison to me

I look at window
and what to I see
I see a bird
way up in the tree
I want to be free free
Free - ee - ee - ee
I want to be free
like the bird in the tree

Came across this news when I browsed Facebook 'Malaysian Shares Heartbreaking Post About Friend Who Just Committed Suicide'

Something for me to ponder. What is environment we would like to create and prepare for our children so they can be supported to be at least, know the meaning of living and strike for their best in life? The attitude and behaviour that we as parents to demonstrate to our children, so that children can be inspired to treasure the every breath in their lives with all goodness and up&downs come towards them.

I told laogong 'We must continue to our daily devotion, teach our children and guide them with God's words and wisdom'. It is not easy to raise a godly child in this 21st century when information and influences come limitless to help and to ruin children future. When the truth is no longer believed by people, when what can be seen has confused us, parents need to have the wisdom to guide children what is right and what is wrong.

In the century like this, in the busy time like this, most of the time, we neglect the time to share with our children our belief.

Bible tells us, when all will pass away, your wealth your position your title, but God's truth will never pass away.

We are to pass on our belief from 1 generation to another generation. It can be good one or not so good one. So we shall seek wisdom from God, show us the way to be a wise parents so that we know what to teach our children, what would be the legacy to leave to our children so they won't misleading in life, at least, they should be responsible to their own lives.

We won't be able to be with our children all the time. Before they are indecent, we shall tell them, what else we can give it to our children except the God who is our provider, protection and comforter.

As what the author of the sharing,
"Let’s just live fully and deeply while the brief candle lasted, okay?”

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